Nitto Terra Grappler

Nitto Tires brands itself as a high-performance tire manufacturer, and the Nitto Terra Grappler is just a great all-around tire, perfectly suited for the occasional offroader – it’s wraparound design allows the rubber to really hug whatever surface you’re driving on. With sizes up to 24’, most light SUV’s and trucks will be able to accommodate this tire, which affords great handling in ALL conditions: from dry silt and sand to slick and snowy, and even deep mud and water aren’t immune.

Another upshot is that these tires are amazingly quiet for being AT, unlike many other all-terrain varieties. The shoulder lugs are staggered, giving maximum traction at all times, from pavement to heavy sand and silt. There are two different sidewalls, giving you the option to choose between the two, as they are of different design, plus the thickness of the differing sidewalls affords a good amount of protection from puncture.

Available in D and E ratings for those needing load-bearing capacity, the Terra Grappler also works well for larger trucks as well, a great fit for one-ton truck owners!

The Terra Grappler is the perfect tire for someone living in a place that has intermittent washouts or road coverage due to weather.  Though it doesn’t have a treadwear warranty and the tread life is lower than other tires (35k for moderate to heavily active offroad use, 60k+ with minimal to moderate offroad use), this tire can be the safeguard that keeps you from harsher elements.

Nitto’s aren’t cheap tires, but you don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount for a set of them. If you’ve got a bit of patience and take the time to shop around, it’s not improbable to find them at $100 apiece. A lot of stores have price match guarantees, and it’s best to take advantage of that if you’re going to make your purchase at an on-site location.
Nitto Terra Grappler treads

Versatility makes up a good portion of this tire’s portfolio; it performs extraordinarily well off the asphalt, exploding into action and showing it’s true potential as a great AT tire; it digs down deep into ruts, and with it’s high density siping, rest assured that it’ll claw through snow as easily as mud and resist hydroplaning, and between the tread-block elements are coupling joints, allowing a minimal amount of flex to maximize your steering and traction, especially through mud, sand, snow, and dirt. Wherever a regular tire is going to fail and begin to slip and rut, the Nitto Terra Grappler is going to perform and flex its muscles, showing you exactly what it can do.

But the best aspect of Nitto’s Terra Grappler tires is that while offering many functions for offroad use, they are still perfectly suited to be viable road tires! One of the first things that you notice about the Terra Grappler on regular pavement is it’s outstanding quietness – it is noticeably less noisy than a lot of other designs in the market today, which is why it’s a suitable option for both an offroad enthusiast and a soccer mom.

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  • Joe

    I have these on two of my full size trucks (GMC Seirra and Chevy 1500 crew) These are great tires. Have had them on the GMC for 2 years and Checy one year. Great on and off road. Quite on road with plenty of grip, and I hunt and fish so they see off road and dirt/mud back road rather often. Very little signs of wear on either set.

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