Kumho Solus KR21

The Kumho Solus KR21 is a premium touring All-Season tire, is a perfectly suited tire for transporting families. This tire is made for the SUV, Crossover, coupe, sedan, and minivan; it offers reliable performance for a low cost, something that any cash-strapped driver these days needs.

You can certainly expect a long life from the KR21:

  1. Unparalleled 85k mile limited treadwear warranty
  2. Round-the-clock roadside assistance for 24 months
  3. Road hazard service included with the first 25% of the tire’s wear

The Solus comes with belt edge layers constructed from nylon, a common design usually found in a high performance tire (though rare in premium touring tires), and extra traction and grip are added thanks to a special carbon tread compound, made for the KR21 specifically. These treads are computer designed and robotically created, molded from the research data collected on thousands of vehicles, giving Kumho the general idea of what kind of tire certain driver’s need for their cars.

This kind of in-depth research and development gives Kumho an edge on customer satisfaction, and ever since this Korean manufacturer started producing tires in the early 1960’s, it has grown into a worldwide corporation, one of the top ten manufacturers of tires worldwide!

If a driver is looking for a tire that is ultra-quiet and offers little to no extra vibration whatsoever, something that they can take their family’s out on for on a Sunday drive across town, then the KR21 is the solution to their problems. Besides it’s other purposes, Kumho designed the Solus KR21 with minimal noise and maximum efficiency in mind, allowing drivers the peace of mind to know that if their family is in the car, it won’t be so loud as to disturb them.

It also comes with full-depth sipes, which channel water, snow, and slush away from the tire itself, this tire resists hydroplaning very well and keeps traction even in deep snow, which is a bonus for drivers looking to keep their families safe as well. These tires should be used offroad, if at all, only minimally, though they perform quite well in the snow and in the damp, excellent for a premium touring tire, if not made for strenuous offroad usage.

The KR21 also performs well at high-speeds, affording good grip while cornering, though it’s not the best in it’s class, it’s certainly not the worst, either. While there are no visible indicators, and the tread depth has to be checked manually, it is more than worth it considering the benefits of this tire.

Kumho really believes in the Solus KR21; even though they are very cheap (you can easily obtain a set for less than $200), the price shouldn’t fool drivers into thinking that this is a poor quality tire. It is far from that, if anything, a beautifully researched and designed product offered to the market for a very fair price. Potential buyers will be hard pressed to find another tire of this value for the same price, not only that, they will almost certainly never find a comparable treadwear warranty.

Check out the Kumho Solus KR21 at TireBuyer.com

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  • Bruce Archer

    Have had 2 sets on my 2003 Ford escape and am very satisfied, however I did experience a tread separation at approx 75 mph on way back from trip . I was able to stop safely and replace tire with spare (donut type) Kumho. I took to my tire dealer and he replaced it for slight nominal charge, tires have approx 6,000 mile on them. The last set I got 70,000+ miles out of 60,000 tire seemed very good value to me !!

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