General AltiMAX HP

The General AltiMAX HP tire is a high-performance, All-Season tire, engineered with the modern worries of treadwear, dependability, and comfort. To give buyers the smooth ride and better handling that they needed, the engineers at General created a Twin Cushion Silica Tread, dual slabs of different silica compounds layering the tire, with the low density mixture below the All-Season compound touching the ground.

To run ultra-quiet, these tires were scientifically designed with soundwave technology to minimize the amount of tire-to-road noise, and an added bonus is that each tire has a stamp that initially reads “Replacement Tire Monitor” but after enough treadwear is placed on the tire, it changes to “Replace Tire”, giving the driver a quick and easy way to know when it’s time for a replacement.General Altimax HP treadwear indicator

One of the main downsides to the AltiMAX HP is its relatively thin sidewall (though it has proven time and time again to be resist excessive bowing and flexing); this tire is not recommended for the recreational driver looking to go offroading everyday, but is more suited to highway driving activities, with the occasional water, snow, or sand hazard in your path (the Reactive Contour Technology gives the tire the ability to react to diverse circumstances and maintain road contact, giving you the confidence to corner and brake with ease)

This High Performance tire does well in these infrequent inclement weather circumstances, giving drivers the confidence that their vehicle will make it easily through along with the steering and handling to back it all up. The AltiMAX is a great tire for drivers interested in maximizing their mileage as well, thanks to its incredible low cost and it’s unique engineering design, the tire is suited completely to hugging the road with the least amount of resistance.

A good turn for the AltiMAX are the Visual Alignment Indicators, which allow you to know if your tires are not properly aligned, a design that often comes in handy at home and at the shop (which could save drivers a lot of time and money). And the best thing for these tires is that they can be found for an extraordinarily cheap price – it is not uncommon to find a full set for well under $300 installed. The AltiMAX tire is certainly a terrific addition to any coupe, sedan, or crossover, affording drivers’ reliability and practicality, all without draining the bank account.

If you purchase these tires, remember that they were designed with directional tread patterns and need to be installed accordingly. Also, these tires come with a 55k mile treadwear warranty, something that sounds great to cash strapped ears!

While this tire has it’s drawbacks, the upsides far outweigh anything else: the amount of economy, consistency, and technology that General warrants is unmatched by any other manufacturer. Many car owners purchase General AltiMAX HP tires for the low price, warranty, and the reliability that General offers their customers, and while there may be some occurrences with a few owners, they won’t leave unsatisfied and without a new tire as well.

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