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Winter driving can be problematic, especially so lacking the right set of tires; it can be the most dangerous season to be behind the wheel. The Continental ExtremeContact Dry, Wet, and Snow (DWS) is an all-season alternative to winter only tires. The DWS is an ultra-high performance tire for trucks, SUV’s, and cars; it gives wet and dry driving options and offers good traction in light sleet, snow, and slush as well, and it also comes with a 50k mile treadwear warranty as well.

While outperformed by other tires in the dry and wet categories, the DWS nonetheless offers quality for an affordable price, and scored top of the class in Winter Performance. This tire’s treads are manufactured asymmetrically, giving it incomparable traction in slush and snow situations, when it matters the most. The Tuned Performance Indicators give the driver a visibly readable indicator as to the amount of treadwear on the tire itself. The letters DWS are fitted on the edge of the wheel so that whenever the letters are rubbed off due to wear, it indicates that you no longer have the tread depth to go through that particular element – an easily visible indicator as to the life of your tire, this is a superb addition that takes away the need to measure the tread depth manually.

One of the most remarkable qualities of the DWS are its Traction Grooves; specially designed to capture snow and further increase traction.

Unsurprisingly with a speed rating of W and Y, these tires perform well at high speeds; actually engineered to offer improved traction while cornering thanks to the treads being shaved off to a 45° angle. It’s not uncommon to see high-end cars having a set of Continental ExtremeContact DWS on them for this very purpose.

The dry testing  is the lowest performance category for the DWS, and this may seem ominous at first, until you realize that this tire offers the amount of dry grip that you need, not the amount that you may want if you’re a recreational offroader – though it really shines when things become a little wet.

It’s not often that you see a tire that actually performs much better when rain or snow is involved, but the DWS is one of these occurrences, most of it’s body specially engineered to deal with these hazards.

The DWS is also engineered for North American performance, meaning that Continental took the time to do research on American and Canadian driving habits and modeled the tire off of that data. This is good because what’s better than to have something that’s already been made specifically with you and your needs in mind?

The Continental ExtremeContact DWS is a spirited, ultra-high performance tire, but it’s not for everybody. The sidewalls are a bit thinner than most people would like them to be, and they tend to bubble over time in semi-intense situations such as constant exposure to deep potholes, but this is a wonderful tire for winter city use, when the roads are too slick for regular tires.

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5 comments to Continental Extreme Contact DWS

  • janet

    I usually buy tires with a 560 or plus treadwear. The Continental conti touring contact only have 360. The salespeople convinced me they were great tires, but I have a lot of reservations about the 360. I cannot find any information online about comparing the ratings of continental tires within their own manufacturer. Please send me some information regarding the different tread wear ratings for continental tires. thanks

  • Phillip

    I researched these tires on Tire Rack and bought them for my SAAB Aero and now also for my son’s Hyundai Sonata. One of the tires on the Sonata developed a bubble on the sidewall after only 5000k – no, he did not hit any potholes or sidewalks. For a large international company based out of Germany, I am appalled at the number of similar complaints I see about Continental ContiPro Contact series of tires – the company obviously does not care and has not attempted to correct the problem as these complaints go as far back as 2008.

    I have, in 34 years of driving, never seen this happen on any tire. Now I am extremely worried that these tires will blow out at high speed. The alternative is to spend another $800+ on each car and replace these with real tires.

    My impression is that it is also a waste of time to leave this complaint here, since this and similar web sites seem to be more interested in advertising to you when you hit their site and cannot do anything to help.

    What is the answer? Does the consumer just continue to get rammed in the rear by every big business and it has become an accepted practice??

    Sad state of affairs in a first world country…

  • Ramsey Barnette

    The tire tread rating per Continental is 540, not 360. These tires are what I use on my 2007 BMW 550i. I researched for hours looking for the best price/preformance/treadwear and these are it. Bridgestone makes the RE960AS which offers superior dry traction (AA) but only a 30K tread warranty (400 Tread).

    UTQG: All sizes
    Tread: 540
    Traction: A
    Temperature: A


  • Iqbal Khan

    DO NOT BUY the Continental Extreme Contact DWS. i bought these tires last summer for my bmw 3 series. got bubble on all 4 tires within 3 months. Bubbles in tire is dangerous specially in winter.

  • Steve Melissas

    DO NOT BUY these DWS Continental Extreme Contact. I did a lot of research which is obviously hype as the sidewalls blew out on 2 tires and the fronts are bald and illegal to use it has so little tread. I do 90% interstate driving and the front end shakes and I paid about $150/tire and got less than 20,000 miles and they offer no warranty, so it’s a huge loss for me.

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